CCW Commissions & Officers

Current CCW Officers (2017-18)


President - Denise DeBord
1st  Vice President - Susan Ugan
2nd Vice President - Sandy Pennington

Treasurer - Judy Geier
Recording Secrerary - Marty Maranto
Corresponding Secretary - Rosanna Costa
Leadership Committee - Rebecca O'Dell
Service Comm. - Marlene D'Abramo & Mary Ball
Spirituality Committee -  Joanne Leahey
Parliamentarian - Vacant
Past President - Kathy Guckenberger


Phone Tree Moderator - Marlene D'Abramo
Respect Life Co–Chairs  - Maggie Moren & Mary Stoft
Cantor  - Susan Ugan, Marie Gregg, Joanne Leahey
Organist - Eileen Brady
Email Moderator  - Louise Barrett
Newsletter Editor - Louise Barrett
Newsletter & CCW webpages Developer - Theresa McCormick


The Commissions

St. Raphael’s CCW follows the mission of NCCW and DCCW which is carried out through the work of three commissions, each under the direction of a national commission chair and often mirrored at archdiocesan/diocesan, regional, and local parish levels.

  • The Spirituality Commission reinforces faith and supports service to the Church and to the world through discipleship and spiritual growth; and encourages legislative advocacy at the local, state, and national levels, guided by Catholic social teaching. 

  • The Service Commission engages the members of the CCW, and all people, in working to address the needs and concerns of their individual communities; and supports and enhances family life within the Church and society.

  • The Leadership Commission provides organization development and opportunities for training.


Past Presidents:   

     1962/63    Mrs. Eleanor Barger
     1963/64    Mrs. Walter B. Fries
     1964/65    Mrs. Margaret Rehberg
     1965/66    Major Mary Etta O’Brien
     1966/67    Mrs. Kathryn McNulty
     1967/68    Mrs. VivIan Frank
     1968/69    Mrs. Eleanor Alderson
     1969/71    Mrs. Loretta Czyzewski
     1971/72    Mrs. Jean Killorin
     1972/73    Mrs. Louise Haire
     1973/74    Mrs. Josephine Boyles
     1974/76    Mrs. Claire Schatz
     1976/78    Mrs. Ann Kovach
     1978/79    Mrs. Colleen Lally
     1979/81    Mrs. June Balinski
     1981/82    Mrs. Bernice McCune
     1982/83    Mrs. Kay Yennie
     1983/85    Mrs. Winifred Young
     1985/87    Mrs. Mildred Bowski
     1987/89    Mrs. Agnes Shoemaker
     1989/91    Mrs. Jean Feldhaus
     1991/92    Mrs. Kay Taylor
     1992/94    Mrs. Lucille Perrin
     1994/96    Mrs. Ann Kovach
     1996/98    Mrs. Ruth Mattick
     1998/99    Mrs. Rebecca Stern
     1999/01    Mrs. Bernadette Bailey
     2001/03    Mrs. Pat Oakley
     2003/06    Mrs. Louise Barrett
     2007/09    Mrs. Marlene D’Abramo
     2009/11    Mrs. Claudia Soucy  
     2011/13    Mrs. Rosemary Early
     2013/15    Mrs. Kathy Guckenberger

Paintings (above) of the Nativity and Our Lady of Guadalupe (above) is by CCW member Joan Grayson. 
Printed with Permission.



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How do I join CCW?

It is easy to join St. Raphael's Council of Catholic Women. Simply drop an envelope marked CCW in the weekend collection. We need your name, address, phone, email address, birth day and birth month and a check for $15 payable to St. Raphael CCW.

What does membership do for me?

Membership gets you to be part of a great group of women whose job it is to serve God in our family, parish, community and world. We have a Mass intention said for our members monthly. You do what you can, when you can and this way, with over 280 members, we get a lot done for St. Raphael's.

Who are CCW members?

Women of all ages, professions, interests and talents are welcome and urged to join.

When does CCW meet?

We meet the first Saturday of each month after the 8:00 a.m. Mass. Rosary is at 7:40 a.m. 8:30 we share a Continental Breakfast followed by our CCW Meeting

Where can I read CCW newsletters?

Usually CCW newsletters are published each month CCW meets. We are always looking for more news to share with our members.
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What is the Handmaiden of the Lord?

The Handmaiden of the Lord Award was established in July 1985 by Our Lady, Star of the Sea District Deanery formerly known as Lower Pinellas Deanery of the St. Petersburg Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (DCCW) to give each of their Affiliations, with the approval of the Pastor, the opportunity to honor a member who demonstrates by life and action some of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. The award is presented at by Our Lady, Star of the Sea District Deanery Spring Conference Meeting
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