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          Tuesday, August 15th, is the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Holy Day of Obligation.  We have Masses at 7pm on Monday and Tuesday along with the 8am Daily Mass on Tuesday, which our school students will attend.  Mary was the first person to accept the presence of Jesus Christ in her life.  Where she has gone, we hope to someday follow. 

          As schools in Pinellas County return to regular sessions, we are also beginning to prepare for our Sunday Faith Formation Program.  With so many distractions and priorities tugging at families today, it is good to see how many continue to recognize the importance of a Catholic Faith Formation.  It influenced many of our lives and that of our families.  This year our Sunday Faith Formation program begins Sunday, September 10, 2017.  Registration should be open now and there will be additional information in upcoming bulletins and on the parish website.  Over the last few years, we have been fortunate enough to have two different college students helping Lynn Edmonds prepare for Sunday mornings from about 8am until noon, on the days we have scheduled classes.  They would open and prepare the rooms for the catechists as well as respond to the immediate needs of the teachers and families and help with dismissal and after class cleanup.  We are also in need of Sunday catechists as well.  Consider volunteering in ministry by helping form the faith of young people in our parish.  Your participation would be of great assistance to our Faith Formation program and to Lynn, who in addition to the Sunday program has been expanding our RCIA process.  It is good to see such an enthusiasm for growing in our faith.  If you feel you are ready to help in our Sunday program please contact Lynn today. 

          This week we will be saying good-bye to Albert Vogt, who has been working part-time with our Youth Ministry program for the last two years.  His workload as a college instructor and his personal business have increasingly made the allowance of time difficult for other things.  Albert has been a wonderful asset to the Youth Ministry Office, his ability to communicate with the youth as well as coordinate many of the activities for the Fish Fry, retreats, and events will be missed.  Albert, we wish you well and thanks for all you have done for St. Raphael Youth Ministry. 

Your friend in Christ,

Fr. Timothy H. Sherwood

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