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This weekend is Passion (Palm) Sunday as we begin the final days to Easter, recalling the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ.  The detailed schedule of Holy Week is on the front cover of the bulletin.  I encourage you to join us for the liturgies of Holy Week, particularly the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil).  It is the heart and soul of the Church’s liturgical year, the epitome of the mystery of Faith.  Our Easter Sunday schedule will include the 6:45am Sunrise Mass in the field (be sure to bring lawn chairs or blankets).  The 9:30am Mass with praise band and 11:30am Mass with traditional choir will be in the church, but no 5:30pm Mass on Easter Sunday.  We have some additional confession times for Monday through Wednesday this week as well.   

About ten days ago our computer system (church and school) became the victim of a ransom virus attack.  I am told that this is unfortunately very common today.  The good news is that we had structures in place to prevent a need to pay any ransom.  Nevertheless, our IT specialists spent hours for several days getting us back up and running.  Our lack of response to various emails or other electronic communications was due to this reason.  Late last Monday we were back up and running at full speed, not including some of the back tracking we had to do.  Sadly, not even a church is exempt from this type of thing.  Thank you for your patience. 

By now I’m sure you have had an opportunity to see our beautiful new statue of St. Raphael.  Hopefully it will serve to provide a devotional space for prayer in our courtyard.  It was blessed last Sunday, dedicated to the families of St. Raphael parish.  This bronze statue, hand crafted in Italy, will welcome families and visitors for years to come.

Have a wonderful Holy Week and may the resurrection of our Lord at Easter fill you with joy and peace. 

Your friend in Christ,

Fr. Timothy H. Sherwood

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