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     Our Knights of Columbus were busy last Saturday.  There was a team here at St. Raphael School painting a classroom and putting together a couple of teacher’s work stations, and there was a group at Pinellas Hope building a deck to link the shipping containers converted into room units (also part of the KOC work).  This is now the third year that they have spruced up classrooms.  Not only did they do the work, they also provided the funds to purchase the furniture and new carpeting.  Along with these projects they have had a busy summer preparing and planning for the 4th annual Italian Knight.  This year the evening is scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd, but they have been planning and preparing for months.  Tickets are now available; look in this bulletin for details.  The Italian Knight is a wonderful social event for the parish, and it is also the main annual fundraising event for the St. Raphael chapter of the KOC.  I also want to thank Mr. Jerry Sirgey who is leaving as Grand Knight and welcome David Bach, the new Grand Knight.  To the whole group, thank you Knights for your involvement and support.

     Moving from the Knights to the Council of Catholic Woman (CCW).  I ask that you keep Mrs. Denise DeBord, the CCW President, in your thoughts and prayers.  Over the last few weeks, Denise has been working through some health issues requiring her to step back and focus on getting better again.  Others in the CCW leadership are jumping in to share her duties to keep the CCW on track but her personal touch and involvement is surely missed.  Both the KOC and CCW organizations are very involved and their membership and focus is an important part of the life of St. Raphael.

     As if there is not enough construction going on this past week, we began the long-awaited repairs to the church roof that caused significant leaking and damage to the interior of the church near the cry room.  Once those repairs are complete we will begin to repair the inside of the church in the affected area.  And this will all go on without interruption of the painting.  To say the least, it has been a busy summer! 

 Your friend in Christ,

Fr. Timothy H. Sherwood

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