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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Each year our Parish Faith Formation Program follows the directive of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in their Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth. In the documents on the right side of this page you will find appropriate materials to assist you in talking with your children about being safe in today’s society. Their catechists on Sunday hold an annual Safe Environment Lesson in which they initiate the conversation in the context of our Catholic Faith and the belief that each person is created in God's image.

The Power Point Presentation entitled Faith Formation Class Overview will give you a good idea of how we approach this subject in the classroom with different age groups and developmental levels. The Power Point Presentation Parent-Family Packet will give you, as parents, a greater awareness of what you should know, and what you can do, to keep your child safe. These are protective steps that we at St. Raphael abide by.

The concept of Safe Environment is addressed at the Cognitive, Behavioral, and Spiritual level in our Sunday Faith Formation class throughout the year as outlined in the Safe Environment Education Curriculum. These charts show at what age each concept is initiated (designated by the “I” on the chart). Initiating these concepts to children does not mean a full development of the topic but rather an introduction presented at their age of development. Each year we then build upon the previous year’s curriculum as appropriate. This lesson is part of the ongoing curriculum which presents the respect and dignity each person is to be treated with.

Our website file rounds out with a copy of the Diocesan Code of Conduct for Adults and the Code of Conduct for Children and Youth. Specific behavioral expectations for our students are outlined in the Faith Formation Handbook under Program Policies. We hope our efforts at providing a safe environment, and teaching children about their dignity as a Child of God, will ensure a happy childhood.

In Christ Jesus,

Lynn Edmonds, Director of Faith Formation 

Faith-formation CCD | Safe Environment Curriculum

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