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Safe Environment Certification for Children or Vulnerable Adults and Level II Background checks are required in many cases to volunter in Ministries at St. Raphael or across the Dioceses.

Level II Background Screening by Fingerprints

Level II Screening is required for all employees, clergy, and many contractors or vendors who provide ongoing services.  Recertification is required every 5 years.

  • A Credit Card is required at the time of registration or processing.  A fee of $51.00 (Volunteers) or $58.58 (Employee or Vendor) will be charged.  (Reimbursement would have been discussed before completing this process).
  • Register for fingerprints at
  • On the left side of the page is a box for Application Registration.  Click here to proceed.
  • You will be brought to the FLORIDA APPLICANT EXPERIENCE.  Read the page and then click the box on the bottom to acknowledge and proceed.
  • Select the Location you wish to use, and then choose the date you wish to go.  Available times will be listed.  (note the unique number at the top of the page)
  • Once your appointment has been scheduled you then choose the applicant type from the list (Employee, Volunteer, Vendor, Clergy, etc.)
  • Next, select the location (St. Raphael Church or School).
  • Complete the demographic information requested.
  • Continue to the waiver section and payment section.

After you complete the scheduled appointment the results will be sent to either the Church or School within 2 days of your appointment.

SEP Children and Adults

Safe Environment Training (SEP) is required every 5 years for all clergy, employees.  It is also required for volunteers who seek unsupervised access to Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults.  There are no fees for these trainings.

  • Go to to create an account and register.
  • Select our Diocese – Diocese of St. Petersburg
  • Compete the Demographics information (name, address, etc.).
  • Select your primary entity (St. Raphael School or Church)
  • Select your role (in the dropdown) and then mark your activity.
  • Select the REQUIRED SAFE ENVIORNMENT Training for St. Petersburg.
  • Complete the disclaimer and Safe Haven – It’s Up to You training curriculum.
  • Once all elements are complete (video and questions) download and print the Certificate.

Keep a copy and forward a copy (via paper copy or email) of the certificate to the Parish or School Office as soon as possible.


  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the homebound must also obtain specific Ministry training through the Parish or Diocese.
  • Teachers and School staff are required to take Blood Borne Pathogens training through the above process.
  • Other optional curriculums include driving, safety, and festivals are available and may be requested by parish or school administration.

Once completed, return a copy of the certificate(s) to the Parish or School Office.






Contact the parish office at 727-821-7989 or to check your current SEP & Level II Status.  Please allow 48 hours for a response.


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