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Welcome to the St. Raphael Scripture Study Community! 

Where disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ open and empty themselves to the Holy Spirit who guides us and instructs us in moving the faith from the head to the heart. 

Wednesday Bible Study- Wednesdays at 9:30am

Covid-19 Restrictions for In-Person Bible Study
At this time, Covid-19 restrictions limit Caverly Hall to 27 persons maximum for meetings, 3 persons to a table. Mask and personal spacing requirements are also in place. Therefore, registration is required for in-person bible study until these restrictions are lifted.

Lectio Peter: Cornerstone of Catholicism (Two Opportunities)
Wednesdays 9:30-10:45am, March 3-May 5th, 2021 
Msgr. Caverly Hall
Thursdays 9:30-10:45am, March 4-May 6th, 2021, ZOOM 

The character of St. Peter is both inpiring and confounding to many of us.  How could a stubborn and implusive fisherman become the "rock" upon which Jesus would build his Church?  Bringing together biblical accounts, historical evidence, Church teaching, classical art, and personal insights, Dr. Tim Gray gives a fresh perspctive on Simon Peter that is immediately informative and relevant to our lives.  After all, Jesus could bring out the very best in someone like Peter, then there is hope for the rest of us.
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Book order requests for Bible Study are placed through the sign-up forms.  Orders are placed 2 weeks before each study begins. 
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Small Group Scripture Studies

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Divine Mercy Chaplet & Rosary- Everyday at 3pm Via Zoom 

Into Into the PSALMS: Five Opportunities with Opening Session Sunday, November 29
Mondays at 10:30am starting November 30th at 10am
Tuesdays at 1pm starting December 1st
Tuesdays at 7:15pm starting December 1st
Wednesdays at 9:30am starting December 2nd
Thursdays at 7:30pm starting December 3rd

Lord , Teach us to Pray. Are you desiring to be more prayerful during Advent? To put some time aside for God in preparation for the Birth of the King?  The Psalms are a great primer for learning to pray. “Introduction to the Psalms” from Next Level Catholic Academy will be offered on Zoom for 4 weeks starting first week of Advent. Contact for more information.
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Foundations Restored: Two Opportunities
Starting Monday, November 2nd at 7pm
Starting Wednesday, November 18 at 12pm 

Foundations Restored will be a 7 episode ZOOM gathering which provides a thorough defense of the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation from the perspective of theology, philosophy and natural science, as well as a thorough refutation of the Cartesian/ Darwinian narrative.

33 Days to Greater Glory- Begins Tuesday, October 28th at 10am

Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC.  33 Days to Greater Glory completes a trilogy of consecrations: first to Mary, then to Jesus, the Divine Mercy and now to God, our Father.  This final consecration to our Heavenly Father truly is the "greater" consecration, the one in which all others find their origin and end.


Women's Bible Study- Open Your Heart: "Living in the Father's Love
Begins Tuesday September 15th at 2pm

Do you sometimes doubt if God really loves you?  Are you searching for purpose?  Do you struggle to measure up to our culture's definition of beauty?  Is there someone you need to forgive, but you don't know how?
This 6-week bible study is the ideal way to revive and refresh yourself.  Discover just how much God loves us and how the Gospels are deeply relevant to our relationship with God and with those you love.
For more information, contact Jennifer Caiazzo:


Welcome! We would love to have you join us on Wednesdays as we open the Word of God and encounter Jesus through each other, small groups, and study of The Bible and the Sacrametnts.

Applying the Scriptures to our everyday life can be a daunting task, but it is much easier when you aren't doing it alone.  At bible study, you will have the opportunity to build lasting friendships in Christ through praying and sharing the Word of God together.  We hope to see you there!

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In addition to our weekly meetings, we have a vibrant community of small in-home-groups that meet throughout the year.  These small groups grow together in Catholic Christian Community with a special focus on varying devotions.


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